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Seconds makes it easy to activate local delivery in minutes by connecting you to many delivery providers, customize your dispatch workflows, track deliveries in real-time and provide an amazing delivery experience for your customers.


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Supercharge your deliveries

Offer delivery

For Any Business

We help restaurants, caterers, florists, pet supplies, pharmacies, auto parts, retailers and many more to easily integrate their online store for seamless dispatch to the optimal delivery provider or manually create and assign deliveries.

Streamline operations

Automated delivery orchestration

Orders are automatically dispatched to third-party delivery service providers, or internal delivery drivers. Businesses can customize their dispatch workflow i.e. delivery provider selection preferences. Real-time status updates on every single delivery and minimize delivery costs.

Delivery network

Large delivery coverage

We are integrated with many delivery providers across the UK, allowing businesses to instantly expand their delivery network and completely focus on their business while our platform handles the logistics. Always have access to delivery providers.

All-in-One Platform



Seconds easily integrates with your online stores, automatically creating orders and saving time. Easy-to-use API for developers.


Access Delivery Providers

Connect your existing systems easily, build your delivery workflow and dispatch to any delivery fleet. Save 100s of hours by automating your delivery operations.


Manage Internal Drivers

Manage your internal drivers and use the driver application to easily onboard new drivers to help them perform their job on time.


Optimize Operations

Our auto-dispatch, batching and route optimization is built to coordinate with the business workflows you select.


Control Customer Experience

Own your customer experience and retain loyal customers by unlocking the best customer delivery experience with real-time tracking and notifications.


Gain Delivery Insights

Know all your delivery insights with our real-time analytics to know what’s really working in your business. With a centralized dashboard for insights, understand your deliveries like never before.

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"Seconds gives small independent retailers the opportunity to beat the likes of Amazon on delivery times. It is great value for money and the Seconds team has provided my business with incredible support. I can't recommend them highly enough."

Andrew - Founder, Guzzl




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